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I have been thinking for a while about changing technology. I have been keeping up this photography page for a couple years now (go look!) I feel as though my Instagram feed is serving basically the same purpose as this page so I am going to park this page for a while. Feel free to browse and please keep up with my current photographic endeavours here.

Thank you.
May 31 2013


The power is in my hand.
May 28 2013


I am not sure where I am.
May 18 2013


A pretty screwed sunrise.
May 10 2013


Ramps grow in the woods.
May 4 2013


Anyone know where I can get some business cards?
April 29 2013


Can you please just make up your mind?
April 23 2013


You know it's fresh...
April 15 2013


For those who haven't been in Atlanta in the spring, this is pollen.
April 12 2013


Thanks for giving me one more chance.
April 1 2013


We squeezed until there was nothing left.
March 29 2013


I walked into a hidden humid attic and saw these...
March 22 2013


This is what the water looks like in Puerto Rico...
March 12 2013