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Please do not touch the wires....
March 4 2013


Good thing he wore the bowtie....
February 21 2013


I won't let you slip away....
February 14 2013


In early springtime, the male Snort turns a nice olivey green.
February 12 2013


Yellow Creep is better than the Green Creep. Trust me.
February 6 2013


Nothing says "PARTY" like a bowl of beans!
January 29 2013


Did you know this rocket features a solid rocket booster engine?
January 22 2013


What's he swattin' at?
January 10 2013


We have all met before along the road...
January 4 2013


Uncle Jethro aint that old! (but his pipe is)
December 29 2012


Stay out you little whipper-snappers!
December 24 2012


The law has come to town...
December 16 2012


You must clean your trunk!
December 10 2012


Your soul needs vita-men-dee.
November 28 2012


I wish I had a tiny submarine.
November 22 2012


The Greek man felt the Golden Hands...
November 18 2012


The wonder world swept all around you in a color swirl...
November 13 2012


You can pull happy better when it is on a cart...
November 8 2012


10 days, 20 minutes and a couple ducks...
November 2 2012


Blue birds and jet planes and a hot drink...
October 29 2012


Perhaps you need a new alarm clock?
October 21 2012


Horn-o-Plenty scene I painted for some friend's Thanksgiving invites.
October 17 2012


Here comes da tug boat... pushy little guy.
October 3 2012


Lady Fingers and Big Ol' Man Hands...
September 28 2012


He can't wait for you to get here...
September 25 2012


I really just wanted to say, HI.
September 22 2012


But doctor man, what about these here blue dots?
September 15 2012


Finally, Mr. Lady Bug sees what he has been lookin' for.
September 11 2012


If I could only reach high enough...
September 3 2012


Don't mess with the MAN...
August 27 2012


Keepin' it real in BearTown...
August 24 2012


Someone is watching me... right?
August 13 2012


An Atlanta Phoenix with a long snout...
August 7 2012


I made this for my parent's 41st wedding anniversary.
July 31 2012


Snakes to the right, fish to the left.
July 24 2012


Come here and I will tell you a secret.
July 21 2012


Are you tooty or fruity?
July 17 2012


Dan and Stan; two good ol' boys.
July 10 2012


Some are much more mushy than the others.
June 30 2012


Stand on the hill and toot your horn!
June 27 2012


Where are my sandals?
June 20 2012


A birthday totem pole cake of stacked friends...
June 15 2012


Sometimes in a garden...
June 12 2012


Last evening on a walk, Maria and I saw these guys...
May 29 2012


I drew this while I was talking on the phone with my ma...
May 15 2012


I took them out of the box and threw them in the air...
May 11 2012

I wish I didn't leave my honky-horn in the car...
April 26 2012


Sometimes a swooped-up-hairdoo helps you be happy...
April 22 2012


The code is easy if you know where to start...
April 7 2012


I sat down at the table and this came to me...
April 1 2012


Do what the fish says...
March 31 2012


My sister had a birthday.
March 26 2012



Little cup will be queen one day.
March 14 2012



Amos was a friend of mine.
March 10 2012




Ol' brown dogs like to rest...
March 9 2012