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Cow Brown How Now?


Can you lend me a hand, man?


The pick nick table is one of my favorite spots.


You must look high to see far(from where you are)


The town square was very crowded.

I like when it starts to purrrrrr.


I was asleep with my eyes open and he waved at me.


Try a pair of long sleeve pants.


Riding in the cake car, we didnt go that far (but it sure was sweet).


Talking chicken heads sing the songs of Love.


He knew they had been watching him.


Do Not lick the fancy wrapped presents. Thank You. - Management.


The fish are under the earth.


They are a wild bunch.


Honey is SWEET.


They are watching the sun rise up.


I like a little bit of pepper.


One Sweet Mule.


Cool blue will soothe you.


Ahhhh, it feels warm.


Don't you tell Mr. Snowman.


The big day is today.



The most favorite.


He fell down the whale.


Don't step in the goo-goo juice.


I'm not ready. (See the story that goes with this illustrated dream here.)


BlackCatTips FACT: I have never bought a birthday card in my whole life.


Georgia is full of interesting things... if you look.


A whole dang hand full...


This is your Last Chance.


All because of that little baby doll.


Waiter can you bring me some ketchup?!


Please say it again... I can't hear you so well. Huh?@@!@#!


Peanuts for everyone!


It was a greasy spoon but we were among friends.


Is an ape child better than no child at all?


King for a day.


Turn around to look at the moon and it hurtzz.


It is pretty much a real happy day.


I'd like tomato, onion and pickles with my hoagie snout platter please.


Who wants some cassarolle, i mean casserole?


Psst... Hey you.


He is a hit at birthday parties.


Oh what night!


Go back home and get your helmet Biker Guy!


I don't eat Cheetos but I hear they are crunchy.


Carrot rockets get good gas mileage.


Duck on the ocean... clouds in the sky.


Get yo'self a big bowl full!


I saw them fly over my head.


Follow me to the FUNHOUSE.


I'm only telling the truth.


A stormy night at sea.


The kingdom is at hand.


In nice weather, they travel together.


So there's no chance of a YES?


We all live in the same world right now this minute.