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beltline bears

I recently finished a mural for Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2011. I wrote about the entire process on my blog. I photographed the progression from a bare wall to a bear wall.

Read about the painting process here.

I titled the mural The BeltLine Bears. The wall is concrete and 237 feet in length. I used exterior latex paint. It is located on Langhorn Street near I-20, just west of downtown Atlanta.


Here is a panorama view of the wall; well most of it. Click on the image for a closer look.

Take a look at some other photos of the wall here.


You can locate The BeltLine Bears here; on Langhorn just across from Sells and Greenwich under the trees. You can park at the Fulton County Central Training Center or drive down the gravel driveway. Look for The BeltLine Bears signs.

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Take a walk along the wall...