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You can't get any more south-western than that folks.  


Far, far away on the Kaena Point, I saw someone smile at me.  


On top of Monserrate Mountain in Bogota there lives a bear.  


A sunset beach bear.  


A Bai Tu Long Bay Bearin Vietnam . A rare find!  


Sea of Galilee Bear  


Narnia Hilo Falls Hawaii Bear  


Hawaii Banyan Tree Bear  


Saint Helena California knows how to celebrate the Holiday times.
(photo by robb mcdonough)


Cuban Bears are friendly.


Havana Bears drive in style


Cuban Folk Art Bear


Hong Kong Ferry Bear


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei Taiwan Bear


Tiananmen Square Bear (Beijing China)


Machu Pichu Bear


Peruvian Andes Mountain Bear


Up so high... in Peru


Lookout Mountain Bear


Washington State Bear


Olympic Peninsula Peak-a-boo Bear


Biudapest Bears say peace!


Hollywood Bears.


They don't let bears in anymore at the Roman Colosseum.


Berlin Bears on the Wall


Jekyll Island PSA


Georgia Conservancy service group on Cumberland Island.


Waiting on the ferry to Cumberland Island, Georgia.


The Himalayas have bears too. (but they dont like cold weather)


Thanksgiving in Times Square Bear.


The Yucatan Bear of Chichen Itza.


The Big Shinto Shrine in Tokyo Bear.


The Coolest Bear in Paris.


Hold on ski jump bear! (Norway)


Castle Hohenschwangau bear! (Southern Germany)


Breathing fresh blue Bolivian air at 15,000! (Tambo Condoriri)


BlackCatTips bears taking a gondola ride in Venice!


A bear monastary in west Bengal, India


German Beer Garden Bears near Munich.


Rose Street Artist Market in Melbourne, Australia


Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Graduating class at Fort Meade, Maryland


Four presidents and a bear. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.


High in the Alps there lives a green bear...


On a Scandinavian train to the Artic Circle...


No horsing around with this bear - Churchill Downs


A Blackcattips Bear at the corner of Bourbon and Toulouse


The Golden Man of Cozumel...


Beignets and bears...

Bonneville Salt Flats Bear


Clark Howard of WSB 750 Atlanta likes a blackcattips bear, shouldn't you?


Just a few sips won't hurt... Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery


Big Ben vs the Bear! Jolly old London town.


Prime Meridian. It all starts here.


A Times Square Bear!


Saint James is going to get you bear! (Netherlands)


Parisan Bears are having a good ol' time. Oui, oui !


Smoky mountain bears!


A Blackcattips Bear in the suprisingly modern Las Bovedas, Panama. Salute!


I heard these bears almost defiled the tomb of Lenin in Red Square.


I hope this bear wore sunscreen in Guanica, Puerto Rico.


This bear took a trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.


A blue-striped bear in West Philly.


This bear is hanging around in Amelia Island, Florida.


Yosemite National Park and HalfDome.


13200 feet is really high. Sierra Bear.


Girls in Turkey with a bear head. So nice!


Bear at the Equator in Kenya.


"Mama I sho am happy" over Sudan.


United Nations Headquarters in Nairobi.


Lunch with a Kenyan bear.


Red dirt of East Africa. The heart is full of love.


Kenyan National Park.

Thanks to all of those that make "Bears around the world" possible.
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